Forever Urn

By purchasing this service you will receive one custom made Urn, made with cremated remains provided by you, incorporated directly into the body and glaze of the Urn itself. We can make this urn in nearly any color. The style of Urn is that of the one shown in the picture. It stands just over seven inches tall and is approximately six inches wide at its widest point. The lid is removable. Every Urn is signed and inscribed with our logo as well as a serial number. A notarized letter of authenticity will be provided with the Urn. Due to the nature of the work, no two Forever Urns will ever be the same. By using the ashes you provide a uniqueness will be imparted to the urn, tiny marks of color and texture may be visible in the product. Furthermore, every forever urn will have precious metals or gem dust incorporated directly into the glaze. The addition depends on the color and may include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, gold, silver or platinum. Here at Miek’s Clay Works we wish to create for you a one of a kind, valuable and meaningful tribute.

It is said that we were created from the dust of the earth itself. When we pass from here to forever often we do so as ashes. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, our Forever Urns are our everlasting tribute to your passed loved one. From the dust of clay we form traditional time honored urns as memorials to life. From ashes we commemorate your loved ones remains into an eternal state by incorporating them directly into clay and glaze of the Urn. Stunningly beautiful, warm unchanging colors unique to every Urn are brought forth by this incorporation and the addition of precious metals and gems. Our Urns will not degrade, they do not fade, they do not fall away to time. Their everlasting presence is a testament to eternity itself. Let us create for and from your loved one an eternal tribute entombed as a Forever Urn.

This is a service we provide. The pictures shown here are an example of the style of urn we will be making from the ashes you provide. We are a small family owned pottery in Central Maine. Here, in our small studio we will custom make a tribute for you from any ashes you provide. This is a custom service and the product takes time to create. Once you have purchased the service arrangements will need to be made to ship the cremated remains you wish for us to use. Once we have the ashes, it will take 4 to 6 weeks before the final product will be completed. Creating the urn is an exacting process to ensure that no mistakes are made. Being a custom made piece, it is art, we cannot guarantee against minor imperfections, they give each piece its own uniqueness. We urge you to contact us ahead of time for more details.

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