Crystalli means crystal in Latin. Precious crystals have always been sought after and desired by all peoples of the world. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds have adorned our bodies and most valued possessions since time immortal. Our Crystalli Urns incorporate sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds other rare gems and precious stones directly into their glazes. By incorporating these precious materials directly into the glaze of our urns, we create for you a truly valuable piece of stunning quality. Traditional styles and simplistic designs are still the trademark of these works and each handmade piece comes with a certificate of authenticity attesting to the use of precious materials. The jewels of every life can be commemorated with a Crystalli Urn.

Here are Miek’s ClayWorks we purchase gems directly from mines.  We have developed a process allowing us to refine and incorporate those gems into the glazes of our urns.  We take care to never mix the materials until they are ready for final application and use only jewelers grade scales to weigh the gems in order to ensure that 100 carats of precious material end up in every piece.   The Emerald Urn pictured here was made to that exacting standard as is visible in the photos.

Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Urn MSRP: $2500 USD  – Converted prices from USD as of 04/09/2014 (£1,493 GBP) (€1,811 EU) (¥254,856 JPY) ($19,383 HKD) (¥15,501 CNY)

Diamond Urn MSRP:  $5000 USD  – Converted prices from USD as of 04/09/2014 (£2,986 GBP) (€3,622 EU) (¥509,712 JPY) ($38,766 HKD) (¥31,002 CNY)

Crystalli Urn Gallery

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