Anne-Mieke was born in 1983 in the town of Sliedrecht, in the Provence of South Holland in The Netherlands.  She learned pottery in her aunt’s studio Pottenbakkerij Wika.  Focusing on casting and hand building as well as sculpture, she learned to use simple forms and lines to create art.  She attended Da Vinci College earning a degree in social pedagogy. It was during this time of her life that she traveled the world.  Backpacking through Australia, New Zealand, Figi, South Asia, Mexico, and other various places during which she spent months living and working with local farmers, artisans and laborers. While immersing herself she was able to see and experience the local culture and art.  In 2007 she participated in a cultural work exchange program, traveling to Waterville, Maine USA where she met her husband Amos Herrera.  In 2010 they started Miek’s ClayWorks and began the research and development stage of designing wares made with local non-mined clay and precious gems and metals.

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